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Killer Python Attacks Antelope For Lunch, But Gets a Big Surprise (Photos+Video)

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Killer Python Attacks Antelope For Lunch, But Gets a Big Surprise (Photos+Video)

A huge and hungry python got into trouble after killing an antelope while trying to swallow its meal.

The huge python was force to leave its kill after suffering ‘eating’ mishap
A huge python has got the shock of its life and forced to retreat after being unable to feast on an antelope it killed. The reptile was caught on film trying to swallow a lifeless antelope but got stuck after swallowing it from the wrong side.
According to Dailystar, the python couldn’t find the perfect part of the animal to start feasting on as its effort to start from the head was stopped by the animals massive horns which got the python’s jaws tangled.
The snake recoils in shock as it struggles to rip its lips from the antlers. For a moment it looks like the reptile’s face might get turned completely inside out. But the python manages to pull its jaws free and quickly slithers off into some bushes to avoid any further dinner drama.
Watch video below:

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