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BREAKING: Buhari reveals scary details about his health, raises fear he might return abroad for further checks soon


BREAKING: Buhari reveals scary details about his health, raises fear he might return abroad for further checks soon

President Muhammadu Buhari who has just returned from a prolonged vacation in the United Kingdom (UK), has said he had never been this sick in his entire life.

Speaking to government officials at the State House in Abuja, Buhari said: “I couldn’t recall being so sick since I was a young man, including in the military with its ups and downs” .

The president also said he could not recall the last time he had a blood transfusion.

Buhari, however, stressed that with or without him, Nigeria will continue.

Buhari expressed gratitude to Nigerians for all the prayers and show of goodwill, pledging to rededicate himself to the service of the nation.

Addressing the country from the State House, shortly after arriving from London, President Buhari said he was fully committed to serving the nation and protecting the right of all Nigerians.

‘‘I am deeply grateful to all Nigerians, Muslims and Christians alike who have prayed and have continued to pray for my good health.

‘‘This is a testimony that in spite of the hardship being experienced, Nigerians support the government in its effort to tackle our country’s challenges,’’ the president said.

According to Premium Times, he said his health had improved significantly, following the medical attention he received during his vacation in London.

“The best way for me to repay you is to rededicate myself to serving you, protecting your interest and keeping your trust. I thank you very much.

“I am feeling much better now. There may, however, be need for further follow up within some weeks,’’ he stated.

In his remark, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo said it was satisfying for Nigerians and the Federal Executive Council to receive the President back in the country “hale and hearty’’.

“It is a day of joy not only for us but for the whole country, Africa and the world. Your arrival has vindicated our position that you will return safely,’’ he said.

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